Take Dad on a trip down memory lane with these vintage-inspired gifts.

In a time of relentless pursuit of What’s Next, it makes us wonder about the enduring appeal of vintage-design things. Why do designers keep going back to the past for inspiration? Why do consumers buy these goods which are nothing more than copies of things that are decades past their heyday?

Our guess: it’s the story. When people buy vintage-design items, they buy them not only for their actual use but for the stories behind them. Take, for instance, the Mr. Porter briefcase in this list. It’s not only a holder of documents; it’s the bag used to carry ransom money or smuggled diamonds in spy movies in the 60s, when Dad was in college. It fills an emotional need.

That is why we chose vintage as the theme for our gift guide for Father’s Day this year, which is on June 18. Not to rub in our dads their ages, but to tell them, like these gifts, our relationship with them may have changed since we were children but they remain important to us. We may no longer rely on them for our survival but we still turn to them for moral support.

We’ve put together here a list of vintage-design items: some of them replicas, some of them adaptations of a past era’s design into new objects. Many of the items in this list are made of leather, wood, and metal — things that last, like our relationship with Dad.

1. Caper sunglasses by Vint and York. Tortoiseshell sunglasses are what cherry is to sundae: a vintage swag is never complete without one. This eyewear design first became popular in the 1920s, when its frames were made of real tortoise shell. No tortoise died to create the Caper from Vint and York, though, which is now made of plastic.

Vint & York Eyewear-Caper

Vint & York Eyewear | Caper – $129.00
International shipping weight – 1.00 kg
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2. Mackinaw Cruiser by Filson The Mackinaw Cruiser coat is a study on longevity. First worn by members of the U.S. military in the early 20th century, its style remains a menswear staple to this day. Dad himself might already have one. A couple of double-breasted jackets made of wool in his wardrobe won’t hurt anyway, so get him one more and it will sure last many winters.

Filson-Mackinaw Cruiser

Filson | Mackinaw Cruiser – $385.00
International shipping weight – 2.50 kg
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3. Briefcase by Kingsman Remember those old spy movies from the 60s? Men in suits carry briefcases which turn out to be wiretapping devices. This briefcase from Kingsman is a lot like those.  Made of brown leather with matte gold hardware and emerald lining, it’s a paragon of English craftsmanship.

Kingsman Swaine Adeney Brigg Leather Briefcase 2


Kingsman | Swaine Adeney Brigg Leather Briefcase – $2,995.00
International shipping weight – 4.50 kg
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4. Mantle clock by Lily’s Home You were with Dad when he nearly swooned at the sight of a Rolls Royce at a vintage car show. For now, while waiting for your tech startup to crush Facebook, you can give Dad another vintage item: a mantle clock in the design of an old English car pump.

Lilys Home-Antique Inspired English Red Gas Pump Mantle Clock

Lily’s Home | Antique Inspired English Red Gas Pump Mantle Clock – $29.95
International shipping weight – 1.50 kg
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5. Original amplifier by Koostik This amplifier by Koostik is not your run-of-the-mill amplifier in every way. There is nothing electronic in the Original that is made entirely of walnut; yet when you place your iPhone in the dock, the sound is amplified to four times louder.  Magic? We call it old-school ingenuity.

Koostik-Walnut Original

Koostik | Walnut Original – $99.00
International shipping weight – 2.00 kg
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6. Gourmet salt sampler by The Spice Lab So your dad thinks he’s a foodie. He knows all those dishes with tongue-twisters of names. Impress him with your knowledge of salts with a salt sampler from The Spice Lab. Who knew there are as many salt types as these?

The Spice Lab-Sea Salt Premium Gourmet Sampler Collection

The Spice Lab | Sea Salt Premium Gourmet Sampler Collection – $59.25
International shipping weight – 3.50 kg
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7. Wine box by Artificer Woodworks  Store Dad’s prized wines in this beautiful wine box with engraved design from the Artificer Woodworks. You can personalize it by having it engraved with his and Mom’s names, the year they were wed or settled in their home.

Artificer Woodworks-Family Vintage-Anniversary Wine Box

Artificer Woodworks | Family Vintage – Anniversary Wine Box – $179.00
International shipping weight – 3.50 kg
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8. Beer keg by EngravingsEtc If Dad is more of a beer guy than a wine guy, then this wooden beer keg is right up his alley. EngravingsEtc can also personalize the beer keg with an engraving of Dad’s name or any other design you have in mind.

EngravingsEtc-Personalized Wine Barrel

EngravingsEtc | Personalized Wine Barrel – $49.99
International shipping weight – 2.00 kg
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9. Mini beer pong board by Scienz If it weren’t for Dad, you would have grown up thinking fun always mean Playstation and not knowing the joy of board games. Relive the slower times with Dad over a board game that’s as stimulating as chess: mini beer pong.

Mini Beer Pong-Handcrafted Deluxe Set

Mini Beer Pong|Handcrafted Deluxe Set – $59.99
International shipping weight – 2.00 kg
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10. Portable grill by Snow Peaks Go on a nature trip with Dad and bring along a portable grill like this one from Snow Peaks. Catch up on each other’s lives while grilling some barbecue on the lakeshore.  Then  convert it into a fireplace and together reminisce the past by firelight.

Snow Peak Pack and Carry Fireplace 2

Snow Peak | Pack & Carry (S) Fireplace – $109.95
International shipping weight – 3.00 kg
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Watch Dad unwrap your gift and hear him cry in delight as he recognizes it as an object from his youth. You will have given him not only a thing but also a walk through memory lane.

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